Monday, August 23, 2010

Featured Product - Canvases | League City Photographer

I wanted to start taking some time to highlight different types of products that I offer, so I guess I decided to start with my favorite - Galllery Wrap Canvas!  I adore these!  I just really think they take the artwork to a whole other level.

Here is one that I have hanging in one of those little niches in my house.  This canvas is a 20x30 which I really think is a great size.  It is the perfect size for the these niches or a over a mantel.  The colors are just so rich and beautiful. 

Your photo is printed on canvas and then wrapped over stretcher bars just like a painting.  They come ready to hang which I love.  You can see the canvas texture in these pictures.  It really is such a beautiful piece.


  1. It looks great!! I've found that a 20 x 30 is the way to go!! Anything else is just so small. It looks beautiful Kathleen.

  2. Wow, gorgeous picture and canvas!!!

  3. Looks gorgeous!

  4. That is a stunningly beautiful picture and it looks PERFECT on canvas!!!