Monday, February 21, 2011

the Joy of Love | League City Lifestyle Photographer

Okay, so I'm not a photo-a-day kinda person.  I just can't keep up.  Oh I can take 100s of pictures in one day, but to take a themed photo everyday - well it's just not going to happen.  That's why I do a 52 week challenge (and yes, I'm late on that this week) intead of a 365 project. BUT I tried to give it a go just for the month of February.  So no - I didn't keep up this time eitehr, but I still thought I'd share what I have done, and invite you to play along.

Over at Willette Designs, she is running a 28-day class with daily challenges.  Each day she gives simple camera/photo tips.  This is really great for a beginner or if you are just looking for a fun themed challenge.  All themes revolve around the people that you love.

Day 1 - What They Do
My little lefty doing his homework.

Day 2 - How They Look

Day 3 - Then and Now
2001 and 2011 - My first baby
Day 4 - What They Wear
A snow day spent in their pjs playing video games.

Day 5 - Love To Hate
Loud Mouth Screaming.  Ugh... notice the leftovers from dinner on the cheeks too.  Haha!

Day 6 - Who THEY Love
Bunny!  She can't sleep without that nasty bunny,  She sucks on the tags to go to sleep, but man nothing can make her as happy as when she sees bunny and gets to hug him.
Day 8 - Gift From the Heart
A gift from my amazing husband.  Tulips - my favorite! And yep - I'm starting to miss days already. Haha - I warned you.

Day 9 - Passions and Hobbies
Scooby doo Puzzles

Day 10 - Space - Where They are Comfortable
Their Harry Potter Room under the stairs. :)

Day 11 - Dreams
I dream that one day soon she will not be so sick all the time.  I just wish she could be up and about.

Day 12 - The Eyes
I love him so much.  This was actually a recreation of a shot done about a year ago.  He has really grown.

Day 14 - Rings
Lots of wear and tear on those rings because I love them and all that they stand for.

Day 19 - When They're Gone
I am one lucky woman.  My hubby does dishes, and when he's not around, they tend to pile up and up and up.  In fact, if I'm honest this isn't even that bad.

So yes, as you can see I haven't kept up with all of them, but I'm still trying.  Either way, I did get some shots of my everyday life and my loves.  They are still some more days to play.  So head on over to Willette Designs and join the fun.


  1. Great captures. I am having a hard time keeping up too.

  2. What a great idea, loved looking at a glimpse into your life!!

  3. Kathleen! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at these! Beautiful!

  4. I totally LOVE these! Such great moments captured!

  5. What a great idea to capture and post the everyday moments. I love these!

  6. These are fantastic...super fun and full of personality!

  7. Love your work Kathleen! Thanks for sharing your daily happenings with us all!

  8. Kathleen, I love these! Day 6 is sooo adorable!!

  9. Thank you for the beautiful and honest look into your life - great storytelling!

  10. Kathleen! Fantastic captures. I love the homework shots. Such a good student! :)