Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photographer Spotlight - Sylvia Borgo | League City Photographer

 This week's featured photographer is Sylvia Borgo from San Diego, CA.  I had the pleasure of meeting her in real life a couple of weekends ago.  Oh my - she is so fun has such an amazing gift for working with children.  I think that is why her family work is so amazing.  She just makes great connection with them.  Check out that connection on her blog or facebook.

About Sylvia
1) Why do you love this image?  Ahhhh, it is just speaks of spring time! Can you tell I'm ready for some nice, warm weather?

2) Did you always want to be a photographer? Nope, I wanted to be a veterinarian as a kid. Then, in high school I wanted to go into politics. In college I took fantastic constitutional law classes under my Communication Studies major, so I wanted to be a first amendment lawyer!

3) Do you have a dream to photograph one specific person? Who would it be and why?  I would love, love, love to travel back in time and not only photograph John Lennon, but also sit and talk to him for hours on end and get his thoughts on music and politics and society.

4) Your favorite female photographer? I just can't choose one right now - I have so many faves! I would have to name, like, 5-8 fave female photogs and that would be cheating, right???

5) Where are you from? I'm from Mexico City, but grew up in Los Angeles

6) Where is home now? San Diego

7) What is the one gadget that you can't live without?  You are going to laugh! Right now I'm obsessed with measuring cups.

8) Favorite drink?  COFFEE! Could not function with it!

Check back next week to meet Fabiana Loverde de Huffaker.

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  1. LOVE Sylvia's work! She's super talented! Thanks so much for sharing.