Monday, May 30, 2011

Laura's Family - Yay! | Clear Lake Family Photographer

Laura Morita-Yeun scheduled our workshop and did all the hardwork of getting everything ready and there for us.  It was such a big job.  We had 6 shoots, actually 7 that she had to set up.  That's a lot for one crazy weekend.  So the night before the workshop started we did a family shoot for Laura's beautiful family.  They are all so full of life.  Of course, I didn't imagine they would be any different because Laura just exudes life and fun herself.

I have to say it was crazy that night.  There were a lot of cameras to look at, but I still got a few that I love.  Laura, you have an amazing family, and meeting you was such a wonderful experience.  Now come on down to Texas.  You know you want to. :)

My Favorite :)


  1. great session kathleen! love this family!!! you can feel the love! i can't even pick a favorite!!

  2. I love these! Great interaction and beautiful family!

  3. These are amazing! I love how well you seem to have captured their personalities!

  4. I missed this before! Awesome images of a truly beautiful family!