Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Photographer Spotlight - Kara Layfield | League City Photographer

This week I'm featuring the talented Kara Layfield of Kara Layfield Photography located in Maryland.  Kara has amazingly colorful images with a playful side to them.  You can also follow her on Facebook

10 Questions
About the image…
1) Why do you love this image?  I love the color and his cute little smile! He was so excited to sit and just look at the flowers. He was such a happy little baby and I am so glad that I was able to capture this for his proud Mom.

2) What were your settings with this image? f/2.0, SS 1/2000, ISO 200 on my 5DII.

About Photography…
3) What do you love about Photography? I love to learn, and being a photographer, I am learning daily. I love getting lost in the moment, I love the feeling I get from knowing that I've captured something very special for my clients. I absolutely love the moment when a client sees their portraits for the very first time.

4) What type of Photography do you specialize in and why? I truly enjoy photographing children and high school seniors. I love to let kids be themselves and do their own thing. I love capturing their curiousity and innocense. Senior Portrait Photography makes my heart swoon. I love to incorporate the seniors own style and let their personality shine. Seniors are always so stylish...that is always a plus!

About your life?
5) What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes? Being a Momma of course!! It gives me the most joy and I love spending most of my free time with my kids!

6) Who or what inspires you? Life! I am easily inspired by a piece of furniture, an article in a magazine, beautiful textures/patterns and the way a flower pushes up thru the concrete. It's just those little things that make me take a second look and gets my head spinning with ideas.

7) Who are some of your favorite singers/bands?  Whatever is the Top 20 at that time. I love listening to Pandora while editing. I will admit that I also throw a little country in there as well.

8) What is your favorite movie of all time? I am not a super movie fan, but I do love a good comedy every once in a while. I love to laugh!

9) What would your ideal day be like? It would have to definately be somewhere warm, I'd be with family and we would not watch any clocks or have any plans. We would just take on whatever the day brings and enjoy being together.

10) If you weren't a photographer, what other profession would you like to pursue?  I'm very intrigued by graphic design artists. I'd love to watch a pro in work to see how it all comes together. I'd also love to work at Disney World for a day.

Check back next week to meet Holly Olsen.

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