Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baby Z surfin' into the family | Clear Lake Baby Photographer

Little Baby Z makes 3 precious boys in this family.  I tell you those boys are so sweet and polite and QUIET.  Oh my goodness, my house is never that quiet.  Baby Z was 7 weeks old when we took photos. A bit old in the newborn world (I typically like to shoot babies at 5-10 days), but we finally got him to sleep and it was definitely worth the wait.

See - precious boys...

Yep, I love little toesies.

Such a handsome little guy.


  1. Love the awake shots. Such bright eyes. And the sibling image is the best. Hope that one is large for the wall!

  2. These are wonderful images! I love the shot with the boys together! The details are perfect and the color palette is so nice! Great work Kathleen!