Thursday, January 10, 2013

Really Kids!?! Really | League City Family Photographer

I took my kids out for quick photos for the Christmas card.  I prepped the kids with a "mommy really wants a picture of you guys in your pretty outfits" and got them ready.  Of course, we running late to get everyone ready and to get them the location.  The sun was almost gone, and I may have started to panic a little bit at this point.  Just a little.  LOL  Of course, they were crazy and running around and giving me their "picture faces" which for Crazy #1 is a painful grimace or the thumbs-up, for Crazy #2 it is the 70s glancing off into the light photo, and little sis can pout like none other.   But in the end, we achieved a photo for the cards and even a few for the back.  I love these little crazies so much.  They are so full of personality!

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