Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Are My Sunshine | League City Childrens Photographer

What 3 months is too long to wait for your photos!?!  Hmmm.... well when you are the photographer's daughter sometimes it just takes that long.  LOL  I'm proud to say that I did at least take the photos on her birthday, but then they sat on the computer for quite a long time while I shot and edited lots of family sessions during the busy holiday season.  But when I finally got to these, they just warmed my heart and well kinda made me giddy.  This is how I see her.... beautiful, sweet, girly, spunky, silly, loving... my sunshine.

She makes everyday better and brighter.  Her smile, her hugs, her bossiness...  They all make us laugh and smile and love her more than she will probably ever know. 

My little dancer...  My love

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