Friday, April 26, 2013

Anna | League City Senior Photographer

Okay, are you ready for me to get cheesy...  Yep, it's happening.  Every year around this time of year, I have this reassurance in the human race.  Each year I get to meet the most amazing young women and men.  They are nothing like the things we hear that teenagers are like.  They are kind, respectful, fun, loving individuals.  I see that they have such promising futures and that they are thoughtful and ready for all that lies ahead.

Anna is certainly a part of that group with her sweet smile and her laughs that she shared among friends and family.  She was laid-back and so fun to work with.  Up for whatever weedy mess I sent her into. :)  Isn't she just stunning?

Looking for a senior photographer in the League City area, contact me here.


  1. She's Gorgeous!! LOVE the location, her outfits and your use of that beautiful evening light!

  2. These images are incredible!! Stunning girl. Your work is just divine <3