Friday, March 25, 2016

Life Stories: Egg Dyeing | Bethesda, MD Family Photographer

It's time for another life story.  I am doing a project with some other talented photographers to capture part of my world once a month.  It's a great reminder to pick up the camera for the everyday moments.

This month we are getting ready for the Easter Bunny.  Dyeing eggs is always a fun project at our house.  We decided to try out something different this year thanks to Pinterest.  We rolled them in shaving cream dotted with food coloring.  It was supposed to marble them, but it really just ended up being a huge mess.  A couple turned out marbled, but for the most part, the kids gave up on that and just dip dyed them.  I was told they didn't want to do that "whipped" cream thing again.  Haha - I guess that wasn't a hit.

Some people decide to eat eggs instead of dye them.  :)  All in all I think we had success!

You can go check out more life stories from the following talented women at the following links.

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